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Climate action needs your initiative

Climate action is a shared social responsibility – one that calls for all people in all sectors at all levels to work together for a common goal. With its National Climate Initiative (NCI), the Federal Environment Ministry promotes and initiates climate action projects country wide, making a key contribution to achieving Germany’s climate action goals: Germany is to be largely climate-neutral by 2045.

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The NCI was launched in 2008 to enable both ordinary citizens and stakeholders from civil society, industry, science and research to develop and implement innovative approaches and models to mitigate climate change. Their programmes and projects cover a broad range of climate action activities – from developing long-term strategies to providing practical assistance and investment support. The Initiative thus serves to promote climate action at local level, making it a real and tangible experience, and creating best-practice examples for replication elsewhere.

The National Climate Initiative

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Consumers as well as companies, municipalities and educational institutions all benefit from Initiative-funded projects and programmes. The NCI is further augmented, enhanced and aligned in an ongoing process to meet changing needs.

Find out more about the diverse support programmes conducted as part of the NCI.