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Social-media netiquette

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) uses the National Climate Initiative’s (NCI) social-media channels to share the NCI’s latest news. The social-media team comprises staff from the Service- und Kompetenzzentrum: Kommunaler Klimaschutz (SK:KK) and ressourcenmangel dresden GmbH.

We look forward to an exciting and engaging dialogue in which our community contributes through comments and posts. We do, however, ask for the following rules to be upheld. If they are not, we reserve the right to erase content if necessary.

  • Good dialogue is based on mutual respect. Please treat other commenters the way you yourself wish to be treated. Insults, personal taunts and abuse, slander and defamation are all inappropriate here. We reserve the right to delete relevant posts.
  • We also ask you to please abide by the social-media channel’s respective usage conditions and regulations.
  • Posts that are racist, sexist or violence-glorifying, or which convey an unconstitutional opinion, do not belong on this site, and we reserve the right to delete them.
  • The social-media channels provide information on the NCI’s topics and events. As such, discussion posts should relate to the topic of the respective post. If they do not, we once again reserve the right to remove them.
  • Content breaching personal rights, third-party rights or copyrights, as well as posts classified as advertising or spam, will be removed.
  • Please also be mindful of your privacy, and do not publish any personal details on the news feed or in comments. Refrain from sharing contact addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, private details or any other data from which your personal identity could be inferred.

We do not accept any responsibility for Community posts. This responsibility shall always be borne by the respective users themselves. By submitting their posts, the composers of said posts entitle the BMU to keep these posts permanently available on the respective social-media channel.

The social-media team reserves the right to delete comments and posts breaching the aforementioned rules and general laws. It does not need to provide reasons for this. Users who repeatedly breach these conditions shall be banned from further using the site.

Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to engaging in exciting discussion and constructive exchange with you.

The NCI social-media team

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